In order to give Fujikura Automotive Europe’s strategy a truly competitive edge, the role of its Purchasing Department is to reduce costs by sourcing from only the most competitive suppliers, to implement extremely rigorous selection processes for new suppliers, to apply the total quality and innovation approach to suppliers and subcontractors, and to establish close partnerships with the most innovative and best performing suppliers.

At Fujikura Automotive Europe, we understand that our success is linked to that of our suppliers, and we continue to develop strong partnerships and work closely with those that meet the highest expectations regarding competitiveness, sustainability and quality, as well as contract and delivery performance. High flexibility, customer orientation as well as the full cooperation of our suppliers and service providers regarding Fujikura Automotive Europe transparency and process/system requirements are essential for any successful collaboration.

Alongside reliability and financial stability, the principal attributes which we seek for long-term partnerships with suppliers are:

  • A constant high level of quality => Target: Zero incidents, zero defects (0 PPM)
  • Functioning logistics => Zero logistics incidents, 0 DPPM; 100% service level
  • Competitive prices => in terms of continuous reduction in costs of materials and components, through product and process improvements.
  • Ability and willingness to innovate
  • Flexibility, in terms of reaction time to new demands and expectations as well as support during all phases of the project.
  • Absolute adherence to delivery dates.

As Fujikura Automotive Europe business partners, suppliers are expected to conduct their business in a safe, sustainable manner, consistent with all laws and to adhere to Fujikura Automotive Europe values and compliance policies at all times. For additional information about our Compliance Program, please download Compliance Report