Our Services

Fujikura Automotive Europe is part of the automotive business unit of Fujikura Group, and is specialized in the development and manufacturing of wire harnesses, seat sensors, plastic parts and electronic components for the automotive sector. Our main customers are the mayor European car manufacturers.

With production plants in Romania, Morocco, Moldova and Ukraine and customer service centres in Spain, Germany and Czech Republic we deliver development, manufacturing, sales, quality, logistics and purchasing services to all our customers in Europe.

Electrical Distributions System

Main Car Wiring Harnesses

The wiring harness for the vehicles, transmitting power and signals to electric equipment, has the tendency to increase its size and weight due to the growth of new equipment and electric systems.

Motor Wiring Harnesses

On the other hand, considering the environments, the weight reduction is required for fuel efficiency.

Secondary Wiring Harnesses

Fujikura pursues the next-generation wiring harnesses, applying optical transmission and electronic circuit materials to the wiring technology for automobiles, and provides safe, comfortable and environment-friendly products for vehicles.

High Voltage Wiring Harnesses

This cable consists of Cross-linked PE insulation for its core and sheath, and is suitable for the application where both, high voltage and thermo-stability are required. Fujikura provides High-voltage halogen-free shielded cable and waterproof, shielded type connectors.

Electronic components

SBR & Membrane sensors

Seat sensors are used to detect if the occupant is on the passenger seat or not to know if usage of seat belt is necessary. Using thin film base material allows less roughness on the seat surface. Membrane structure permits high antistatic electric detonator.
Printing in the special ink allows no flammability.