Fri, 25/11/2022

Fujikura Automotive Europe S.A.U. and its Group subsidiaries have confirmed that part of their Servers were illegally accessed by a cybercriminal group by start of October 2022. This illegal access was discovered and blocked by our security system. The incident was reported to the Spanish Data Protection Authority.

As the vulnerability is related to the servers property of Fujikura Automotive Europe, access to personal data through held on those servers may have been obtained by the attacker. No serious consequences are expected for data subjects, due to the risk for the rights and freedoms and probability of the materialization of this risk are low. Fujikura Automotive Europe infrastructure is now secured, and we have no evidence to conclude that the data breach went beyond.

Since it became aware of the vulnerabilities, Fujikura Automotive Europe Group has taken a proactive approach and carried out a thorough assessment to detect appropriately and effectively any other intrusion that could compromise the confidentiality of its systems and data. Furthermore, Fujikura Automotive Europe has taken all precautionary measures to protect personal and other data and will take additional steps and provide further updates as necessary. Thanks to these precautionary measures taken, Fujikura Automotive Europe Group has managed to remove the existing threat. Besides re securing its servers, Fujikura Automotive Europe remains in heightened security alert and will continue monitoring the situation.

For more information or to exercise your personal data rights, you may contact our DPO in Europe, Mr. Francisco Latasa Yuste, by sending an email to

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