New Code of Conduct and Whistle-blowing System

Fri, 22/10/2021

We are pleased to announce the new Code of Conduct, which replaces the one we have been using so far.

This is a Global edition used in all Fujikura subsidiaries and compliance by all Fujikura Automotive Europe Group employees and suppliers is mandatory.

There are six parts as seen below:

  1. Ensuring employees' wellbeing and creating a safesecure and pleasant work environment
  2. Ensuring each employee performance operational procedures properly
  3. Maintaining relations with business connections
  4. Communicating with and contributing to the development of communities and society
  5. Increasing shareholder value and dialogue with investors
  6. The basic Code of Conduct for compliance

Moreover, we are pleased to inform that we have updated the information on the kind of issues that should be reported through the different Whistle-blowing channels available to all stakeholdersThe Whistle-blowing channels per se remain unchanged.

You can find more information on the Compliance part of our website:

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