IMS-Injection Plant inaugurated in Tangier

Fri, 27/08/2021

More than a year has passed since the unfortunate fire incident suffered at Tangier1 plant (Morocco – 30th May 2020), which affected the production activity of wiring-harness and injection components (IMS). The most affected area was the Injection area, where the building's structure was completely demolished and the production machinery was destroyed.

With the aim of not generating any impact to our customers and give continuity to the operations, many drastic countermeasures were taken. The main and most outstanding ones were: procurement components from external suppliers using special transports and subcontracting the production to local suppliers during 1 year.

The opening of the new factory "Tangier4", located in the same industrial park (Free Zone area) was consolidated in January 2021. Spread over an area of 7.122m2 it will focus on manufacturing wiring-harness and plastic components.

Injection production was inaugurated last month (July 2021), achieving an important milestone: the new beginning and stabilization of Morocco operations.

Requiring new investments for the acquisition of new facilities and production equipment, to ensure the production capacity for several projects and complete supply chain to more than 90 customers, located mainly in the European market and overseas, like American and oriental market.

The support of Fujikura Automotive Europe Management played a key role in the commitment to business continuity, business excellence and new business opportunities, maintaining this solvent and profitable business unit and recovering these investments within a mid-term (4-5 years).

Finally, we would like to thank all employees for their commitment and dedication, without them, this would not have been possible!

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