Fire outbreak at Tangier plant

Mon, 01/06/2020

Fujikura Automotive Europe (FAE) Tangier plant in the Kingdom of Morocco suffered a fire outbreak, in the evening of May 30th. We have already confirmed that the fire was extinguished.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to customers, local residents, relevant authorities, and many other stakeholders.


Kingdom of Morocco Tangier FAE Tangier 1 Factory Material Warehouse

Ilot nº 7, local 4, Zone Franche D'exportation de Tanger, Morocco

Product item

Automotive wire harness

Date and time of occurrence

30 May  (Saturday) around 17:15

Fire broke out

31 May  (Sunday)  around  1:00

Confirmed extinction

Cause of fire

The specific fire location and cause are unknown, and the cause is currently under investigation with the local authorities.

Casualties & Damages

  1. Casualties

    • Information on casualties from neighboring companies and neighboring residents: None

    • Casualties to employees: 2 employees are injured (burns on arm) and 1 employee had an anxiety attack

  2. Facility damage

    • No fire spread to facilities of other companies

    • Our factory is damaged (approximately 4,000 square meters)

Impact on operations and prospect of recovery

Currently investigating the damage situation, we have not confirmed the details, but we will take measures to minimize the impact to customers.

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