About Us

Fujikura Automotive Europe is a group of companies dedicated to the production of automotive components.

The main management offices are located in Spain (Zaragoza). They were established in 1992, to serve an important Spanish carmaker. Since then, the Group has grown with the aim to render the best possible service for our customers, establishing Customer Service Centres (CSC) and production sites where our customers are located. With this philosophy the Group reached East Europe, establishing factories in Romania, then moved to Central America with different plants in Mexico and finally opened the first CSC in Germany (Wolfsburg).

This European based automotive Group joined Fujikura Group in 2006. Since then, Fujikura Automotive Europe Group has gone the extra mile to establish a partnership with our customers by bringing new facilities into new territories (such as Morocco, Russia, Ukraine or Moldova). Moreover, we have expanded our CSCs in Europe (Germany, Spain and Czech Republic) and enhanced our specialized Development Centres in Germany to contribute to the success of our customers by cutting edge products’ development.

Fujikura Automotive Europe supports its customers with more than ten thousand employees, distributed in Europe and North Africa.

Fujikura Global



Our FIRST RESPONSIBILITY is to our customers. We help them sustain and develop their business by providing superior products and services through "TSUNAGU" technologies.

Our SECOND RESPONSIBILITY is to the men and women of the Fujikura family. They must constantly strive to develop products and solutions that provide value in the field of "TSUNAGU" technologies.

Our THIRD RESPONSIBILITY is to the communities in which we live.



The Fujikura Group aims to be the most credible partner for Customers through "TSUNAGU" technologies.

The Fujikura Group continues to develop innovative and useful products and solutions as a pioneer in "TSUNAGU" technologies.

Each individual takes a "Leading Role" (ownership), and aims for Professional business capability worldwide.


Core Values

Customer Satisfaction

"Are the customers satisfied?"


"Are you willing to take up challenges with enthusiasm to drive progress?"


"Do you collaborate with others to fully realize capabilities and potential?"

Message from the President

Dear reader,

Throughout the years Fujikura Automotive Europe Group has been subject to important changes. This is the only way to grow: always searching for new projects and places, and also continuously improving our procedures. As a result, after more than 20 years, we have gained important experience in the automotive components sector.

Our experience is our most important asset. Conscious of this, we have spread our know-how throughout Europe and even further, collaborating with other Fujikura Group companies, wherever our customer need us. This would not have been possible without the commitment of the members of the Fujikura Family, our employees, and our involvement in the communities where we operate.

Fujikura Automotive Europe has still important challenges to face: a pronounced expected growth, new factories, and new customers. We will walk this path to success together with our employees, always handing good quality products to our customers and taking up these challenges with enthusiasm.


Kimio Koizumi



Fujikura Automotive Europe and its affiliate Companies have a strong commitment with the fulfilment of the applicable law in any of the countries we operate, as well as with the internal rules developed by the Company. In order to ensure the proper respect of each rule and regulation, FAE Group started a Compliance Program with the aim to guarantee that Company behaviour is exemplary.

We would like to ask for the collaboration of our customers, suppliers, employees, and any other person that might have a contact with our Group Companies. In the unlikely event of witnessing an undesired behaviour from any of our employees, we would appreciate your contribution by reporting the event in our Whistle Blowing System.

You will find further explanation on this matter in our Code of Conduct.

For additional information about our Compliance Program, please download this report.